Working with English Language Workers

A Handbook for Learning Assistants

From 2021-2022, Va‘atele Education Consulting was contracted by the Ministry of Education to re-write the Ministry handbook, Working with English Language Learners: A handbook for teacher aides and bilingual tutors. Dr Rae Si‘ilata, Kyla Hansell, Dr. Meg Jacobs, and Martha Aseta worked collaboratively with the existing material to write 10 new modules that encapsulate effective practice for learning assistants working with emergent bilinguals in primary and secondary schools. They also updated the online WELLs content with two additional videos and professional learning prompts. Visit the Ministry’s website to read more:

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Team Members

Dr. Rae Siʻilata

Professor Janet Gaffney

Dr. Meg Jacobs

Salā Pafitimai Dr. Faʻasaulala Tagoilelagi-Leota

Deborah Meafua-Siafolau

Kyla Hansell

Avikaila Sopotulagi Tilialo

Deborah Meafua-Siafolau

Folole Tuʻitahi

Hevaha Tuʻakoi

Lino Nelisi

Luti Tafea

Manava Parakoti

Meleka Pou-Poasa

Judith Poimatagi

Peta Ravlich

Salā Pafitimai Dr. FaʻasaulalaTagoilelagi-Leota

Professor Janet Gaffney

Dr. Meg Jacobs

Martha Aseta

Mohamed Alansari

Shared Resources

Video modules – Ways of Working